First race weekend coming up

The upcoming weekend marks my first race weekend in the Danish Supertourisme Turbo series. My team Nordic Racing have been working hard to get both car´s ready. With only one test day under my belt I am extremely excited to see how I will get on, but with the good feeling I have in the car I have no doubt that it will be a good experience.

The weekend kicks off with free practice and qualifying on Saturday, and because of LIVE TV there will be 3 races Sunday afternoon. We are 19 cars entered for the weekend and there certainly is some tough competition. The toughest will no doubt be Michel Nykjær. With 4 years in WTCC, 2 years in STCC, 7 years in ETCC, 7 years in DTC, 2 ETCC Championship titles and 2 DTC Championship titles he has by far the most experience in the field. He will however have tough competition from my team mate Jesper Egebart who has done a lot of Formula Ford and DTC. Not to mention the huge amount of talent in the rest of the field.

My goal for the weekend is to have a good qualifying and some clean races. It´s hard to predict the result since I haven´t driven in the series before but for this first weekend I hope to be in the middle of the field or higher. It´s a huge transition from my previous racing car and I hope this first weekend will be one where I gain more knowledge and experience with the new car.

Danish Supertourisme Turbo have just launched a new website, check it out HERE!

You can also find news on their Facebook page.

There will be live streaming from the event and I will post the link to that later. Thank you for all your support so far. Now let´s GO RACING :)