Molly Pettit

racing driver reporter commentator presenter

Short about Molly Pettit

As a self-made racing car driver, Molly Pettit has been pursuing a career in motorsport since 2009. Molly is currently competing at the top of Scandinavian racing, in the Norwegian and Danish thunder car series.
Molly’s passion for the sport has led her to become a high profiled reporter (latest in the World Rally Championship in 2016), commentator, event instructor and public speaker. Molly is also studying finance and event management at college, with a goal of being able to give back to the sport and help young drivers when she retires from the track.

“A dream without a plan is just a wish”
– Katherine Paterson.

Race Schedule


30.4.–01. May season start at Padborg Park, DK
14.–15. May Djursland Ring, DK
4.–5. June Padborg Park, DK
09.-10. Juli Gatebil Rudskogen, NO
13.–14. August Night Race Padborg Park, DK
3. September Padborg Park, DK
08.-09. October Final race Padborg Park, DK

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