What will 2015 bring?

More images like this I hope! :)

Time for a change

I have now been racing two years in the Norwegian and Danish Thunder Car series. During these two years I have learnt a lot about racing, the series and of course handling such a powerful car. It takes around the clock work and determination at every race for both the driver and the mechanics. SEB Powergroup works as a host team for several smaller teams. Our team has been small consisting of me together with 2-3 mechanics. All cars at SEB are under the same tent, we eat together and have a great time but all the work on the cars is done by each car team.

We see of course that many of the other teams consisting of 1-2 cars have 10-20 people in their team all responsible for different things. When we have been at races it is constant hard work almost around the clock. I have managed to get to bed early but the mechanics have often been up working most of the night. This is of course not an optimal situation. Therefore I see the need to change things to be able to take things a step further in 2015.

What exactly will be different in 2015 is not ready quite yet. My main priority at the moment is to get the funds to race competetively in NTCC and DTC next year. Thankfully together with my new sponsor and pr advisor Esben and great help from friends in Denmark we are getting closer to our goal.


I am working together with sponsors and management in the US to make something happen there in 2015. I will come back at the right time with more details around this.